A visual journey of the coming of age as universal citizen.

photo credit Chaimaa Medhat

photocredit Chaimaa Medhat

A Word from Nina

Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

Your viewing of these artworks is an integral part of the creation process.

Imagining the work a campfire, people gathered; new and familiar faces alike. A welcome, loving base for idea-sharing and growth. 

Written word, photography, inks, watercolor, found materials. The list is in ever-flux and the landscape of my studio transforming as often as the scene outside its windows.

I create as a way to commemorate, process and explore experiences and beliefs. Generally, circling ideas and questions of relationship and identity.


Currently an every-morning meditator, dog-walker and art-maker with-marker (say that 3x fast!)

Safe to say: forever a mother, a lover and friend. In awe of nature, imperfections and, of coarse, the first cup of the day.

Mixed-media in nature. Poly-outlet in her art career.

Have opinions where you have them, and don’t force the rest. Aim for open.

Mom of 2 - soon 3 - new fur baby, supportive and varyingly-involved wife of fitness entrepreneurial husband. 

Medard knows seasons.

Seasons of materials and studio setups.

Seasons of ignorance, learning and teaching.

Seasons of waiting and resting quickly snapping into seasons of mad focus.

Extended Bio

Born, raised and bed in the little farmland suburbs of Paxton, Massachusetts to newlywed artists, semi-world-travelers and businessfolk; Nina Medard began learning the value, language and relationship of art, culture and commerce from the start. She was inadvertently provided early access to the tools, culture and possibilities of focused creativity.

While growing up in a homogeneous “smalltown” her mother made notable efforts to continually remind Medard that “not everyone in the world looks and thinks like the people here.” She remembers being instructed to “date everyone!” and dolls of nearly every shade but her own, something that to that point did not closely reflect her personal world experience.

Medard’s art education took on a more in depth approach as she studied under practicing artists at the Worcester Art Museum and Worcester Center for Crafts.

In high school, jobs and saving allowed Nina Medard to travel often on school breaks. Abroad and unsupervised. These formative experiences underlined early on the vast range of beliefs and ways humans do things; as well as the universal nature of the human spirit.

Medard enrolled in the multidisciplinary School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s BFA program in Chicago, Illinois. The 8-year relocation resulted in the journey of coming to know a more complete history, range of viewpoints, faces and languages. Engaging in relationships underlined with trust and love. 

For Medard, a fragile deconstruction and rebuilding process of new understandings and ideals has included equal parts relationship, discussion, self reflection and art creation.

Medard currently resides and creates in Worcester, MA with her husband and their two (soon to be three) young children and their puppy; where she uses her art as a platform to engage community in dialogues of Unity and relationship.

If you would like to continue the discussion, please contact her here.